Birthdays and presents – Maninas turns 3!

I have some presents for you, because it’s my birthday. Maninas is 3 today! And I want to celebrate with you! I still can’t believe it’s been three years since my first timid knock on the doors of the food blogging world on 12 May 2007. I can’t believe it’s been so long! And my first post was not even on human food! hehehe

But I digress. We want to know about presies! I’m gifting my readers two of my favourite books, books that have somehow marked my cooking and this blog.

So here is the first book:


"Green and Black's" Chocolate Recipes: from the Cacao Pod to Muffins, Mousses and Moles 

Green & Black’s Chocolate recipes


I adore chocolate, so now wonder I adore this book! It tells the stories of chocolate from cocoa pod to muffins, mousses and moles, as they aptly say. It was one of the first books I bought after I started this blog, and I fell in love with it immediately. It’s informative, beatufully presented, and with excellent recipes. I owe some of my first baking attempts, Chocolate Brazil Soft-baked Biscuit and Chocolate Pecan Pie, to it. (And if this gives you a taste for sweet things in life, check out some of my baking posts.)



Indian Kitchen

Indian Kitchen by Monisha Bharadawaj


Indian food has a special place in my heart, and on this blog. Heck, I currently have more Indian recipes here, than British and Croatian put together! (Though I am Croatian, married to a Brit, living in the UK.)  This passion started with my first taste of an Indian dish in 1999 in Cambridge! Though I now know that Indian restaurant food is very different from Indian home cooking, I am still a huge fan, and I’ve been learning to cook it properly for the last 3 years. And I’ve learnt a lot during this time from books, friends, fellow bloggers (see my blogroll). If you are trying to make sense of or want to learn more about Indian spices and the myriad of other ingredients in this cuisine, Monisha’s book is one of the best places to start (see Barbara Fisher’s review). It is a comprehensive guide to spices, legumes, herbs, etc. used in Indian cooking, coupled with 200 recipes. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

So, how do you enter the giveaway? Simples! (Sorryyyy I just had to say/write that!) Just leave a comment (one comment per person will count) on this post before 19 May, and let me know which book you would prefer to receive. Winners will be drawn at random and announced shortly after 19 May, everyone is welcome to take part (shipping worldwide). And if you feel like it, let me know what you like or don’t like about this blog. Your comments and feedback are always appreciated and welcome.

I also wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed being a part of the food blogging world, and how much I’ve learnt in the process. So a big thank you to all for sharing your work and passion for food and life.


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20 thoughts on “Birthdays and presents – Maninas turns 3!

  1. So guess I’m the first to congratulate you: Čestitam Maninas. 3 g je stvarno lijep broj!Moj blog će tek navršiti 3 mjeseca točno na 19 ti ovog mjeseca,:). Green and Black choc…sounds delicious to me,:) ali bez obzira na knjigu, svaka čast, treba izdržati 3 g! Očekujem od tebe bar još hmm 33 ili 333 godine? :)

  2. Sretan blogorođendan draga i želim ti još puno, puno godina ugodnog bloganja, zanimljivih recepata i dobrih fotografija. :)

    Tri godine su zbilja puno i svaka čast na uloženom trudu i ljubavi, a posebno ti hvala što me veseliš i educiraš s indijskim receptima. :)

    Obje knjige mi se jako sviđaju ali ako bi morala birati to bi, naravno, bila ova Indijska. :)

  3. Happy blog birthday, Maninas!

    Three years of writing is a lovely record to have of your culinary adventures – thank you for sharing them.

    If I should be lucky enough to win, I’d pick the Indian Kitchen (though both books look lovely in their different ways).

    Mouse xx

  4. Happy blogaversary Maninas! You know, from your blog I thought you’d been cooking Indian food your whole life. Like you – i have got a love for it picked up through years of eating it (or at least it’s closest UK equivalent/hybrid) and a fantastic meal in Penang’s Indian quarter a decade ago that really opened my eyes to how good Indian food can be.

    If i do win anything then the Indian book would be my first choice – i do love the food so!

  5. Happy Blog Birthday, and wish you many more!

    Well, I always thought you had Indian/Sri Lankan ethnicity from the recipes you post here- kudos to you for embracing cuisines with such panache.

    How sweet of you to host this giveaway- if I won, I’d love the chocolate book.

  6. Krasan blog sa divnim fotkama i pričama. Sretan blogorođendan i još mnogo postova i ugodnih blogdruženja ti želim.
    Prijavljujem se za tvoj “book giveaway”, a Indijsku kuharicu bi jako voljela imati.

  7. Happy Birthday! Your blog has always been one of my favorites and I look forward to many more years of your recipes. Your photos are gorgeous and your writing is always enjoyable.

    I never win anything, but of course you know I would prefer the Indian cookbook :)

  8. Happy blog-iversary! I’m glad I stopped by from Mowie’s blog and discovered yours. Great site you have here!

    The book choice is excruciating, as I am into exploring the cuisines of India these days and always like to bake with chocolate; I’ll go for the chocolate cookbook, if forced to choose.



  9. Congratulations on turning 3! Wishing you many more delicious food-filled blog-versaries ahead. If I win, I would love the Indian cooking book. I am not much of a baking/chocolate sweet tooth person so savory does it for me.

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  12. Happy blog birthday Maninas. congrats on turning 3. loook forward to many more food recipes and mouth watering pictures from you.
    love that chocolate recipe book.

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