Sri Lankan Pineapple Curry

We’re continuing on the fragrant Sri Lankan curry leaf trail. Next stop: a gorgeous pineapple curry. Hot, sweet and sour, permeated with the addictive fragrance of curry leaves.

The trick is to cut pineapple into medium chunks, and warm them through gently, taking care not to overcook them. In this way, as you bite into the pineapple pieces, fresh juice oozes out, delicious and tart.

The photo below was taken by my friend A.

 Sri Lankan Pineapple Curry

Sri Lankan Pineapple Curry


SOURCE: Jasmine

PREPARATION TIME: about 15 min

COOKING TIME: 3- 5 min

CUISINE: Sri Lankan

SERVES: 3 – 4 as a side dish



1/2 medium red onion, thinly sliced OR two small shallots, thinly sliced

1 1/2 tsp black mustard seeds

a handful of curry leaves

1 dsp Sri Lankan chilli powder (or less if you prefer less heat)

1/2 large pineapple, chopped into 2 cm chunks



1. Prepare your ingredients first, as the cooking happens in quick succession. Chop the pineapple, slice the onions, get everything ready.

2. Time to start cooking! Heat some oil, in a wok or a wide pan, on medium high heat. Add mustard seeds to hot oil, and when they pop, the onion and the curry leaves. Cook until the onion is soft.

3. Next, add the chilli powder, and fry for about 30 s or so.

4. Add the pineapple, and stir fry for a few minutes, taking care not to overcook it. You just want to heat the pineapple through and coat it with the spicy mixture.

Serve this side dish as a part of a larger meal, Sri Lankan, or even Indian. I even served it with a Thai red curry once, and it worked really well.



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 Weekend Herb Blogging 

This is my entry for this week’s WHB, hosted by Huan from Eat.Read.Live.

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  1. Joj ja bi ovo kombinirala s nekom piletinom. Misliš da bi išlo? Možda čak samo uz pileća prsa sa grill tave?

    Ne moram naglašavati da mi se recept sviđa, mogla bi ovo vrlo brzo i isprobati jer u zadnje vrijeme stalno viđam lijepe ananase u dućanima. 🙂


    • mislim da bi! pogotovo sa strane uz piletinu s grill tave, jer bi kontrast okusa bio bolji. i uz neku rizu? ja bi dodala jos neko povrce, ali kuhano posebno, radi ravnoteze okusa. ako se zelis drzat sri lankanske teme, probaj varar (poriluk i zelje s kokosom i limetom – zakon je!)

      uskoro cu objavit recept za riblji curry. mozes ananas iskombinirat s time!


  2. I haven’t seen pineapple curry before, but it looks great. Especially nice with fresh pineapple!


    • thanks arwen, and welcome to my blog! great to see you here!
      the fresh pineapple is what makes this dish special. I wouldn’t really make it with tinned.


  3. New one for me; great idea to try! I love the curry that does not require one zillion ingredients and showcases one instead.


  4. this is such a unique pineapple curry! simple with minimum ingredients and delicious. I would love to eat it with some thai or malaysian gravy dishes.


    • I do indeed sometimes serve it with Thai curries. Most recently with a red Thai curry.
      I’ll also post a recipe for a Sri Lankan fish curry which goes really well with it. Stay tuned!


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