Ancient grind

Once upon a time, all our bread came from underneath these heavy heavy stones. Today, we have the luxury to admire their beauty.


Back home

Blue wave

I dream of a perfect mojito on a summer evening, in a shadowy garden of the Havana restaurant in Bar Harbor Maine, at the end of a perfect day.

Perfect mojito

I laugh remembering the zing and the vivacious buzz of Provincetown in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Beautiful dining room

I savour the moments spent around a beautiful round dining table in friends’ house, and off. You’ve got to love a dinner that includes a dash to the seashore to photograph the sunset, alongside a wicked blueberry pie.

Thank you.


Where I’ve been

View of Wirral from Crosby Beach 1, originally uploaded by ~Maninas.

While I temporarily disappeared from the blog, I really got into photography, and I’ve never stopped shooting. You can find me on Flickr.

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to everyone!

I can’t believe I’ve been away for so long. I’ll slowly be getting back to blogging. Looking forward to it,



In the skies

In the skies, originally uploaded by ~Maninas. Taken in September, in Varazdinske Toplice, in the north of Croatia.

Feeling kind of autumnal.

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