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Blue wave

I dream of a perfect mojito on a summer evening, in a shadowy garden of the Havana restaurant in Bar Harbor Maine, at the end of a perfect day.

Perfect mojito

I laugh remembering the zing and the vivacious buzz of Provincetown in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

Beautiful dining room

I savour the moments spent around a beautiful round dining table in friends’ house, and off. You’ve got to love a dinner that includes a dash to the seashore to photograph the sunset, alongside a wicked blueberry pie.

Thank you.


Gorgeously dark concoctions


mmmm just made this lovely dark concoction from Sophie’s blog, using that baby above! i definitely recommend it! lovely!

basically, fresh chili, cinnamon and a pinch of ginger are simmered gently in some milk*. then, honey and chocolate are added! so simple, and yet so special.


* The drink can be made vegan by using soy milk, or even water.

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