Ancient grind

Once upon a time, all our bread came from underneath these heavy heavy stones. Today, we have the luxury to admire their beauty.


Photo update: the cake

The cake

I’ve added some new photos to my old post on a wonderful walnut cake that my mum makes for every family celebration. She normally makes two walnut and two plain sponges; the above is a smaller version. Only ever so slightly though. It still serves a crowd.

Turkish cherries

Turkish cherries, originally uploaded by ~Maninas.


Istanbul Yoghurt Treat


There was always yoghurt, tahini and honeycomb, amongst many other things, in our hotel in Istanbul for breakfast. One morning, I had an idea to combine them, and so I did. It was delicious! I loved it, and had it with my breakfast every day while we were there.


I am not claiming this is an authentic Istanbuli treat. I have no idea, and so I wouldn’t even try. But I do know it’s absolutely delicious. Do try it! The bitterness of tahini added interest and nuttiness to sweet honeycomb, which in turn provided an interesting texture to nibble on. All this enveloped in delicious creamy, Turkish yoghurt.


It really makes a stunning treat. At home, I use honey, as I don’t usually have honeycomb, but it’s still delicious. Just take a bowl of yoghurt and swirl some honey and tahini over it, and there you go!



Pickle to be


Making my friend’s mum’s lemon pickle, and looking forward to it!

Three weeks to go, though! Sigh….


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