I’m a foodie from Croatia, now living in the UK, embarked on a journey through the world of food, looking for tasty morsels and good stories! I enjoy travelling and photography, both of which feature on my blog. I love learning about food, culture(s) and cooking.

 I can be contacted at maninas DOT wordpress AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk.

26 thoughts on “About

  1. Heeey!!
    Ma bas super!! Jos jedna dalmatinka!! Uh, bas sam sretna :)) Odakle si ti? Bas super, mene ti interesiraju apsolutno iste stvari kao i tebe. Ajde, imat cemo o cemu pricat ;)

  2. hvala sto si ostavila trag na mom blogu pa sam tako stigla do tebe :). Imaš doista zanimljivih i finih recepata, a oduševili su me ovi domaći recepti koje tako lijepo opisuješ ljudima koji ih ne poznaju.
    Šaljem ti lijep pozdrav

  3. Nena, dobrodosla na moj blog! I ti imas super recepata! Jako mi se svidio tvoj kruh s maslinama! Kruh je nesto sto jos uvijek ucim, pa mi je to sad napeto! :) Lijep pozdrav i tebi!

  4. Hi Maninas, thank you for visiting my blog and commenting on Tandoori Bread. It lead me to yours and I am glad I discovered you, too. You have an interesting blog with lots of nice recipes. I subscribed to you to keep reading more from you:) Cheers! Farida from Farida’s Azerbaijani Cookbook

  5. Bas mi je drago da si otkrila moj blog jer sam tako stigla do tvog!:)
    Jos jedna Dalmatinka u bloggerskim vodama! Neka nas, neka.:)))
    Ajme, zubi mi cine vodu od te ribe gori!:))))

  6. Hi Maninas

    Please do enter my enter a competition to raise awareness about the importance of real food…

    – that is, food that has not been processed out of its natural existence! The details are here at my food blog


    There is a prize too! A copy of the DVD, Our Daily Bread, an award-winning documentary revealing the truth about intensive farming and industrialised food. Deadline: 8 October 2008.

    Elisabeth x

    PS love the look of those strawberries! Was it normal for them to be out in Sep or is to do with climate change?


  7. Hi Nomi,

    Welcome to my blog! The RCI, started by Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine, is hosted by a different blogger each month. Check out my RCI page and see who is hosting. You can then click on the ‘Introduction’ post, which is where you’ll find the details on how to participate. You normally have to post a recipe, including a link to the event, and then email the host with your entry. For example, this month we’re exploring the cuisine of Haryana, and the host is Easy Crafts.

    RCI is one of my favourite events, and I’ve learnt so much while taking part. I hope you will enjoy it, too. Happy participating!

  8. Hi Maninas, slučajno sam naletila na tvoj blog zapravo prevodeći i oduševila se, a kako imam neke veze i s Engleskom, to me još više oduševilo:) stavila sam te u favourites pa ću pratiti povremeno

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