Regional Cuisines of India


Blogging event Regional Cuisines of India (RCI) was started by Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine, to celebrate the rich and diverse cuisines of India, and is hosted by a different blogger each month. I think this event is a fantastic idea, because not only does it encourage us to explore the many varieties of regional Indian food, but the round-ups also provide excellent resources of information and recipes! For this reason, I’ve decided to dedicate a page to it, so I can find it and refer to it easily! I’m giving you the list of events yet to come, and the list of the RCIs held up to date. First, the events taking place in 2009, and then below links to the events in previous years.






Chettinadu Vegetarian Cuisine – Srimathi from Few Minute Wonders



Haryana Cuisine Easy Crafts



Lucknow Cuisine

–  Lavanya from Home Cooks Recipes

RCI-Lucknow Logo









Pondicherry Cuisine

–  Lavanya from Home Cooks Recipes











Vanamala from My Kitchen World

MAY – Jain Cuisine – PJ from Seduce your Tastebuds

JUNE – Indo Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine – Mythreyee from Paajaka



In 2008, we explored the cuisines of Kerala, Guajarat, Bengal, Rajastan, North Eastern states, Hyderabad, Konkan and Awadh. Sadly, the RCI Goa, Assam and Parsi Cuisine did not take place, and we are also missing the round-up for  Andhra Festival Foods.



Regional Cuisines of India was started in 2007. This is when we explored the wonderful cuisines of Tamil Nadu, Andhra, Maharastra, Punjab, Oriya, Karnataka and Tamil Festival Food. Unfortunately, RCI Bihar is missing a round-up, and RCI Kashmir didn’t take place.


11 thoughts on “Regional Cuisines of India

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  2. Hi Maninas,

    I came in from a link at Food Blog Desam, and wow! I am so excited to find this wonderful post with all the RCI info in one place!! I’m going to link this on my blog right away :):)

    Thanks so much!

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  4. Thank you so much for maintaining this page! It is a wonderful resource.
    A new blogger asked me about RCI and I was able to direct her here to learn all about it :)

  5. It’s a pleasure!

    Please let me know if you find out any news about it! E.g. if there are any plans to continue after July, so I can update the page.

    Also, do you know what happened to RCI Bihar and Kashmir? It would be a shame not to have those, wouldn’t it?

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