Yellow on blue

In the bottom left-hand corner of my screen, it says 10 May. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t know it. Where is the spring? Warm weather? Is it too much to ask after 9 months of bleargh? Aaarggghhh! I’m loosing patience here. I swear it didn’t use to be like this here.

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  1. It’s similar here in the Midwestern US. Driving me crazy. I’ll soon start painting a sun in my living room, just to feel normal. But I guess that act itself nullifies the attempt at normalcy.


  2. Come to Delhi! 🙂


  3. U Zagrebu je ista situacija. 😦
    Niš od proljeća ali bez obzira na vrijeme ova fotka ostavlja jako snažan dojam. 🙂


  4. Hello, in Paris the weather is like shit as well (excuse my English). One or two days were nice since two weeks, and besides this it is cold and it rains a lot. Moreover, in my hometown (and in southern Poland, too) , Krakow, there is a risk of huge flood. It rains and it will be raining, at least for one more week…..



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