Dance of the dandelion

I couldn’t resist the dance of the dandelion again. I know they are a weed, but for me, they’re one of the most beautiful plants around.



Yellow on blue

In the bottom left-hand corner of my screen, it says 10 May. I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t know it. Where is the spring? Warm weather? Is it too much to ask after 9 months of bleargh? Aaarggghhh! I’m loosing patience here. I swear it didn’t use to be like this here.

Photo of the day: Spring mode

Seen on the shores of Drava near Varazdin. I have no idea what the plant is. 🙂

White Monday


I’m back. With lots of photos and recipes in store!

Thanks everyone for the great comments on the previous post. I’m thinking about them, and will respond soon.

The photo above was taken while sipping a thick hot chocolate and basking in the sun on a small square in Varazdin, with a view of the gorgeous castle. And the best of all, with a friend and with her gorgeous little 1-year-old girl who’s grown so much since I last saw her. Let’s hope it won’t take us so long next time.


Spring blue



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