Letter to Lina

English garden

Dear Lina,

Hello, my name is A. and I live in your house. Your former house, which is now our house, that is. We bought it off your family after you – well, there is no easy way to say this – passed away. I hope you don’t mind me disturbing your rest.

The neighbours have told me about you. How you liked to cook and entertain well into your 80s. That’s impressive. I want to have the same energy and spirit when I’m that age. And if I’m very lucky, that sort of friends, too, that would come to share the food and the laughter with me. I hope there will always be plenty of both.


After the rain has fallen

I got into my overgrown garden to play with my camera. 🙂



Still raining in this photo


But not now:


I’ve had loads of fun with this photo



Spring blue



The one

The one. Spotted in the crowd.The one

Happy spring. Soon.

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