The Sorceress of Spices – Panch Phoron

Panch Phoron

The recipe for this interesting spice mix comes from Sandeepa, who calls it The Sorceress of Spices. Read Barbara’s lyrical post about it!

Panch Phoron is a classical Bengali spice mix used in tempering. It’s added to the hot oil before other ingredients, to flavour the oil. I used it in a very simple potato, carrot and runner beans curry.



Panch Phoron


SOURCE: Sandeepa


CUISINE: Indian, Bengali


Fenugreek seeds

Nigella seeds (Kalonji)

Mustard Seeds – black or brown

Cumin seeds

Fennel seeds


Mix together equal amounts of the seeds and store in an airtight container.



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9 thoughts on “The Sorceress of Spices – Panch Phoron

  1. That s a beautiful spice mix. I myself make one just like that. I love the color combo,… aand of course it tastes great. What s a runner beans curry? I d love to get a recipe for tht. Sounds funny.

  2. Runner beans curry? yes, it does sound like a hillarious word combination, doesn’t it? now that you say it :)
    As for the recipe, I improvised… I’ll try and remember what I did. I think I may have a photo of it, too.

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