Eating with the Season: OCTOBER – The round-up!

Here comes the round-up for Eating with the Seasons: OCTOBER, with plenty of great eating ideas for this month! I’m very sorry for the delay!

Thank you all for your fabulous entries!










Apple Crumble ~ Sunita from Sunita’s World (UK)

Apple is the queen of the autumn fruit. Here in the UK, there are so many different varieties that’s impossible to get bored of them. They’re perfect in a crumble where their soft texture contrasts with the crisp of the crumble, and their tartness complements he mellowness of the topping. I love Sunita’s twist on this dish, especially the use of spices (including chili!) and the combination of apples and pistachio!  A master in her art, she makes a good old crumble – exciting!


Steamed Apple Pudding

Steamed apple pudding ~ Celia at English Patis (West Midlands, UK)

‘The steaming method guaranteed a moist and luscious cake. Plus the tangy sour-sweet apple topping is so lovely marrying well with the treacly fragrance of the golden syrup in the cake,’ says Celia.  ‘One of those comfort food you’ll love to have on a chilly day.’ Perfect with warm custard. Yes, please! 🙂



Pork Tenderloin with Apples & Sour Cream ~ Laura at The Spiced Life (SW Ohio, USA)

Laura (with a really well-named blog The Spiced Life) cooks up a gorgeous autumnal dish of pork tenderloin with apples and sour cream, and shows once again how fantastic apples can be in savoury dishes, through a classic combination of apples and pork!




Poached ground-cherries ~ Andrea at Cooking Books (New York, USA)

Ground cherries, similar to Cape gooseberries, used to be common in the USA, but nowadays they are a rare find at the farmers’ market. And what a lucky find they are! Andrea poaches them, and spoons the warm fruit over ice-cream!




Plum Frangipane Tart

Italian Frangipane Plum Tart ~ Becke from Columbus Foodie (Columbus, OH, USA)

‘Italian plums are smaller and tarter than traditional plums, but they’re ideal for baking’, says Becke. This variety has a very short season in Ohio, and she’s making the best of it by baking this delicious tart with a nutty almond filling and topped with gorgeous, moist plums.


Rum plum clafoutis ~ Lisa at Lisa’s Kitchen (London, Ontario, Canada)

‘Clafoutis [pronounced klah-foo-TEE] are wonderful old French baked fruit desserts with pudding-like custard toppings,’ says Lisa. They’re normally made with pitted cherries, but this time she makes it with sweet juicy plums soaked in rum! YUM!





Brussel sprouts


Best ever brussel sprouts with bacon and shallots ~ Sylvie at A Pot of Tea and a Biscuit (UK)

Attention, everyone! Here is an idea for a Christmasy side dish from Sylvie as she cooks up her sprouts with bacon and shallots! If you’re not a fan of sprouts, this may be one dish that will win you over !



 Creamy pumpkin and apple soup ~ Priya at Priya’s Easy N Tasty Recipes (Paris, France)

No vegetable says autumn like pumpkin, and nothing says comfort like warm creamy soup. Enjoy this creamy soup by Priya with a slight tang of sour apple.



Traditional pumpkin pie ~ Mansi at Fun and Food Cafe (California, USA)

Pumpkin is not used just in savoury cooking. Mansi bakes a traditional American pumpkin pie, flavoured with vanilla and spice with ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. Perfect for the upcoming Halloween! (This gorgeous photo is courtesy of Best Baking.)


Mixed vegetables


Pav Bhaji ~ Bhawana at Tastes of India (New Delhi, India)

Bhawana makes a pav bhaji with mixed vegetables, a favourite of her husband, to celebrate their Engagement Anniversary! Pav Bhaji is popular  fast food in India. Pav(paav or pao) is kind of bread and bhaji means mix of vegetables.







Roasted partridge with braised lentils and butternut squash ~ Angela from A Spoonful of Sugar (UK)

Angela combines seasonal partridges with braised lentils and butternut squash for a perfect autumnal meal. And the desert is, of course, just like in the song: ‘… and a partridge in a pear tree’… – baked pears!










Asparagus soldiers and boiled eggs ~  Snjezana at dalmacija down under (Melbourne, Australia)

The spring has arrived in Australia, and spring brings asparagus to Snjezana. Not the wild asparagus which remind her of her home in Croatia, but nevertheless delicious. Simply dipped in the soft-boiled egg. There is a lot of goodness in simple pleasures of life, too.



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