Learn from my mistakes!

Scene 1

You are making one of your husband’s favourite desserts in the world, the lovely lemon tart. – Lah dih dah dih dah…..! Oh oh! What’s that? No more icing sugar? Well, that’s ok, isn’t it? I’ll just replace it with some caster sugar. – And you do.

Scene 2

You’re trying to roll the pastry. Unsuccessfully. It keeps falling apart. No matter whatever you do. You chilled it for 3 hours, like it said, but nevertheless, the bugger keeps falling apart. You try again…

Scene 3

… and again, and AGAIN!!!!!!!!! But the fucker just won’t – stay – together!!!! – And how do you transfer THAT to the baking tin?!!! HA?!!!! Bloody joke! Grrrrrrrrr

Scene 4

By this point, you are totally completely and unquestionably out of your wits! Lost the plot! Bye-bye! Gone! Ha ha!

Scene 5

But, here comes rescue – in the shape of a very goodlooking man…. 🙂

Scene 6

The stars are smiling again… He gives you a helping hand, and comes up with a brilliant idea – use small mince pie tins, lady! It’s easier to roll a small piece! And you do! Best of all, you do it together! Laughing your heads off by this point. Isn’t life good again?


And the moral of this story is….

If the recipe says ‘use icing sugar’, it probably says that for a reason! Especially if we’re talking baking here! I’d made this tart perfectly successfully 3 or 4 times before this occasion, and it worked every time. Rolled it out perfectly. This time, I use caster sugar, and it all goes wierd. Isn’t that a bit of a hint? 🙂 Anyway,  this was really really annoying. I cannot stress this enough. So spare yourself the headache, and do use the correct sugar. 🙂


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