Sourdough pancakes with rose petal jam and clotted cream

Birthday pancakes: sourdough pancakes with rose petal jam and clotted cream

When I’m really lucky, normally at the weekend or during holidays, my husband makes me pancakes for breakfast. It’s my favourite special breakfast treat. I sit at our breakfast bar watching him work, and savouring the warm pancakes as they come out of the pan. My favourite fillings are nutella and various jams, while he likes the traditional English lemon and sugar.

It’s my birthday and I have a day off to do whatever I want, and it feels great. Luxurious. A day like this befits a special breakfast, so I combine two things that I’ve been wanting to try for ages: sourdough pancakes, and rose petal jam with clotted cream. The recipe for the pancakes has been adapted from the Herbert brothers in the Guardian using my wholemeal rye sourdough starter, and the rose petal jam and clotted cream inspiration comes via Claudia Roden’s fantastic Arabesque. The rose petal jam was bought in Istanbul, and has a slightly gummy and addictive texture, and a fragrant rose aroma combined with a touch of sourness. It’s sweet, but not overly so, and perfect for the slight tang of the rye starter. The pancakes turned out to well that I had to make a note of what I did and share them!


A moment in jam


Enjoying Sunday.

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