Wild food: garlic mustard

Garlic mustard

I have a craving for greens. Coming out of winter as we are, they’ve never felt more welcome: fresh, herby, with a slight mineral and metallic tang. I’m also feeling adventurous, wishing to explore the wild bounty around us. So I’ve started foraging, to satisfy an additional craving, that of new discoveries.

Armed with a couple of books, Hedgrow by John Wrigt from the wonderful River Cottage Handbook series and Food for Free by Richard Mabey, I began to explore my surroundings. I had been planning a foraging trip this weekend, when the forecast of rain (and two hangovers, to be honest) made me alter my plans. A long trip was out of the question, but foraging wasn’t! In preparation for my expedition, I had been reading up on wild plants, and as a result, started simply scanning my surrounds. I discovered a delicious green right on my doorstep, give or take a few 100 m, and in the city: garlic mustard (Alliaria petiolata).


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