…for now! I’m leaving work and worries behind, and I’m off to Croatia for Easter. I’ve left you some posts in the pipeline. See you when I get back!


More about this photo when I come back.

Can anyone guess where it was taken?


Good-bye to winter & a silent ode to pomegranate

A silent ode to pomegranate on a dark snow-wrapped winter night.

Edinburgh, January 2010


Night light

Night light

Night light

(You can click on the photo to see a larger version.)

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Belfast 1: The Big Fish – aka Bigfish

He is. He’s huge! 10 m long!

He’s a printed ceramic mosaic sculpture of Belfast life and history, made in 1999 by the artist John Kindness. The pictures and text on the tiles are mostly from the Ulster Museum in Belfast, but there were also contributions from Belfast school children.


The Bigfish tells us many Belfast stories. He tells us about the hills that surround Belfast. This particular one is famous. Look closely, and tell me what it reminds you of.  Gulliver’s maker, who lived in Belfast at one point, has reportedly been inspired by this hill which reminded him of a giant’s face. Nobody knows for a fact, but we all like the story. Can you see the face of a giant lying, sleeping in the picture?

Whiskey. You can’t miss it in Ireland.


Bigfish tells the stories of the Belfast people, too.  The girl was a passenger on the Titanic, which was built in Belfast.

Can you see the dots on his back? They’re red drops under the ceramic glaze. Echoing the recent past, perhaps.

Edinburgh winter

At the beginning of January, I visited Edinburgh. I love returning to this city – it’s one of my favourite. Here are some photos.

Arthur's Seat

The majestic Arthur’s Seat, at the doorstep of the city


On the way to the fantastic Sheep Heid Inn, an Edinburgh institution not to e missed.



Edinburgh University 


The old Edinburgh harbour


Scott’s monument amidst winter cheer


I just love dots!


What the dots are made of. Not sure what this building is. Anyone?


Night nearing the Castle


The great Scott (Walter)



Yeap, it’s confirmed: I still love dots! (These were done intentionally!)



Edinburgh Castle 2


Edinburgh Castle 3


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