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Persian feast continues soon! In the meanwhile, let me share with you some great links for some excellent Persian food blogs!

Turmeric & Saffron by Azita

My Persian Kitchen by Chef

West of Persia by Bria

The Spice Spoon by Shayma (new blog including Pakistani, Afghani and Iranian recipes)

Pinch my Saffron by Yasamin

Javane’s Kitchen  by Javane (Gluten free!)


I discovered Turmeric & Saffron when Azita kindly left a message on my previous post about cooking Persian. This spurred me to look for more, and I discovered My Persian Kitchen and others.  Turmeric & Saffron and My Persian Kitchen are excellent sources of information on Persian food and delicious recipes! West of Persia and The Spice Spoon are new to blogging, but very promising.

Does anyone know of any more?


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Barbara’s amazing chicken curry

 Barbara from Tigers & Strawberries is one of my favourite bloggers. Her writing is always inspirational and informative, her recipes creative and delicious. She is a trained chef, and food is both her calling and her passion. Please do check her fantastic blog!

Barbara makes this gorgeous chicken curry for her whole family to enjoy, including her adorable little babygirl (Kat in the title of the recipe). We loved it, too! It smelled and tasted absolutely amazing: I adored the masala, with its perfect balance of tastes – exceptional! I tweaked the curry a little to suit the tastes of two adults (by adding 5 green chilies), and changed the method slightly to make up for the lack of food processor/spice grinder (I used pestle and mortar only). I also fancied some black cardamom, so I added one, and it worked great! Here is my version, and below is the link to Barbara’s version.

I must admit I was a little skeptical about cooking onions in coconut cream, but I did try it, and it worked great. The onions turned out lovely and mellow, and I loved the cassia in it. I did have to add some ghee to fry the chicken, though, but it worked great!

This curry is fairly quick to make, with a bit of organisation. This is how I do it: 1. cut the onions and put all the whole spices together; 2. roast the spices; 3. fry the onions in coconut; 4. chop ginger, garlic and chicken; 5. add garlic and ginger to onions; 6. pound the whole spices; 7. add them to onions; 8. add chicken and fry, etc; 9. boil rice while the chicken is cooking.



Kat’s Chicken Curry


SOURCE: Adapted from Barbara’s recipe


COOKING TIME: 30 – 40 min

CUISINE: Indian-style

SERVES: 2 – 3



1 can coconut milk

1 big thinly sliced yellow onion
salt to taste
5 cm cassia stick
2.5 cm cube fresh ginger, peeled and minced
4 large cloves fresh garlic, minced

5 green finger chilies

1 tbsp ghee

4 whole cloves
1 black cardamom pod

5 green cardamom pods
1 tablespoon coriander seeds
1/4 teaspoon fenugreek seeds
1/4 teaspoon black peppercorns
1/2 teaspoon fennel seeds
2 teaspoons turmeric
1 teaspoon paprika
1/8 teaspoon ground cayenne pepper

1 pound boneless skinless chicken breasts, cut into 1/2″ cubes
salt to taste
1/2 cup fresh coriander leaves, roughly chopped



1. Put the whole spices in a hot pan and roast until fragrant. Take them out of the pan and put in the mortar.

2. Scrape about 4 tablespoons of coconut cream off the top of the can of coconut milk. Melt it in a heavy-bottomed deep pan over medium heat. Add onion slices, and sprinkle with salt. Add cassia stick, and cook, stirring continually until the onions are medium brown.

3. Add the ghee, chilies, ginger and garlic and keep cooking, stirring, until the onions are dark reddish brown and fragrant. Meanwhile, pound the spices as finely as you can. Use a spice grinder if you have one.

4. Add the pounded spices, paprika, cayenne and turmeric to the onions and fry for 30 seconds.

5. Add the chicken pieces and stir. When they are half cooked and half still pink, add the rest of the coconut milk and stir well. Turn the heat down and simmer until the chicken is completely cooked through.


Add salt to taste, and stir in coriander leaves just before serving.



Delicious! Do make this gorgeous dish!

It is extremely flavourful, with a strong tinge of cardamom (I would even call this Cardamom Chicken!). It has a gorgeous yellow colour from the turmeric, and a wonderful smell and flavour from the cassia bark. I love pretty much anything with coconut, so this is a clear winner for me! If you like coconut, it will be a winner for you, too!



Croatia in the Blogosphere – A Taste of Zagreb

One of the blogs I love visiting is Orchidea’s: Viaggi e Sapori.  Her photos are lovely, and I’ve also marked a whole load of her recipes that I want to try! What a surprise it was for me one day to find a post about – Croatia: A Zagabria… tra i sapori della Croazia! This post about the Croatian capital, Zagreb, is in English, though the title is in Italian. I’d like to congratulate Orchidea on capturing Zagreb so well!

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