Pickle to be


Making my friend’s mum’s lemon pickle, and looking forward to it!

Three weeks to go, though! Sigh….


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  1. Good things come to those who wait I guess, although waiting for pickle can take some time! Bet it’s delicious though. There’s nothing like a handed down, finely honed recipe.


    • This is a cross between preserved lemons (salted) and an Indian pickle. I love it. I’ll see whether I’m allowed to pass on the recipe, if you want.

      I must admit I am getting really really impatient… I’m tempted to make at least half of it this weekend, which will be the end of two weeks…


  2. very curious to see the combined version of the pickle !


    • It’s really delicious! I loved it when I tried my friend’s pickle.

      How would you make lemon pickle?



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