Croatian picnic in London

I’m currently very very jealous of Su-Lin’s Croatian picnic in London. Do go over to Tamarind & Thyme and check out her fantastic photos.

While you’re there, you may notice a slightly different theme to the post from my recent post on Croatian food. This is because most of the food that Su-Lin had the pleasure to enjoy that day hails from the Croatian North, which is more akin to Central and European cooking, while the Dalmatian food (which is where I’m from) is more Mediterranean in character. In our rather small country, there is rather a lot of diversity when it comes to climate and landscape.  The South, with its mild winters and hot summers, enjoys Mediterranean climate, and there is hardly ever any snow. While the North is continental, in the middle of the country, there is a mountainous area where the temperatures can fall below – 30 C. Because of all of this, as well as different cultural influences, the cuisines, while similar, also vary a lot. And I have lots to learn about the food of the other regions!


Croatian recipes on this blog:

Ajvar – red pepper and aubergine relish  V

Asparagus with eggs   OR   Sparoge s jajima    V

Dalmatian chard with garlic and olive oil    OR     Blitva s maslinovim uljem i lukom   V

 Dalmatian fish soup   OR    Dalmatinska riblja juha (i riba leso)

 Croatian Roast Lamb on the Spit

Cuttlefish risotto (Crni rizot, ili rizot od sipa)

Festive food from Dalmatia: Fritule (Aromatic fried dough balls)   V

Green Bean and Egg Salad  V

Istrian Frittata    OR    Istarska fritaja

Liver in Onion and White Wine Sauce (Jetrica u sugu od bijelog vina)

Mum’s Fruitcake  (Mamin vocni kolac)  V

My mum’s tomato sauce  OR Mamin sug od pomidora   V

Orahnjaca (Walnut Roll) V

Stuffed Peppers   OR  Punjene paprike

Stuffing for the Croatian Roast Lamb on the Spit

Venison Stew Hunter’s Style (Srnetina na lovacki)


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  1. Thanks for the compilation of great recipes Maninas; I finally got my post on with the photo and recipe.


  2. Thank you for the link! But surely you can soon have a picnic the next time you come back from Croatia… 😉

    What a brilliant list of your recipes – I’m very keen to try the fish soup and the chard.


    • That’s OK – thank you post posting it!
      My next Croatian picnic won’t happen in a while. At least not until the summer. Sigh….


  3. the picnic sounds awesome, i had a look and indeed, it looks like a lot of great food was presented there 😀

    i am always on a mission to make purica i mlinci, that’s my favourite dish, and strukle, all from Zagorje, but those I eat the least often in UK and miss the most.
    Dalmatian food, apart from fantastic fresh fish that we don’t relly get here, but Dalmatian food I eat the most often because it is the most simple, involves the least cooking and relies on a lot of fresh salads and vegetables so it’s also easier to “carry with you” around the world.

    Ajvar, however, is awesome, i make it as Christmas presents for all my English friends and family and they are totally addicted to it, so ajvar is where i sacrifice myself in the kitchen every few months to make about 12 jars, it’s well worth it :d
    ps. i also call “ajvar” the relish with peppers and aubergine although, people tell me, technically, ajvar is just with peppers and all else is pindjur.
    but it’s all ajvar to me 😉


  4. Yay! What a lovely blog… 🙂


  5. ANNE, You are right, Dalmatian food does travel relatively well.
    As for ajvar, my friends here love it, too.
    And I’ve even managed to find Podravka’s ajvar here in the UK!

    ZOOMYUMMY, thanks, and welcome to my blog.


  6. I am bookmarking the ajvar reipe. have been on my mind for a long time, but haven’t done it yet. Mmmmmm…



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