Curly as kale



Kale recipes at Maninas: Kale Aloo

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  1. What a flavorful recipe! And beautiful photo!
    I have only used kale once, I saw a recipe for roasted kale and thought why not? It tasted like old pickle and I never touched the stuff again! Your recipe with potatoes and spices, sounds a lot safer and tastier!


    • Lol! I’ve never knowingly opted for a safer option! (I’m not talking injuries here, of course.)

      I’ve only ever had good experiences with kale. I really like it a lot, actually. It’s more interesting than spinach, and has a nice texture (mind you, it may need more cooking that you’d think). I think it definitely deserves another chance.🙂


  2. Oh Maninas,
    And I thought you were talking about my hair.

    I actually love the taste of curly kale. I’ve liked it as crisps, but even more so in a ‘dahl’ recipe, makes it more hearty. I’ve not cooked it with potatoes and spices, so I will keep it in mind.


    • I’d love to have curly hair myself!

      I’ve never had kale crisps, but I’ve had it braised and sauted. I love the stuff!
      Thanks for the dhal tip.


  3. Oh – great and simple recipe that – thanks Maninas. I always struggle with knowing what to do with Kale, especially because i have had similar experiences as @tasteofbeirut above. I had never thought about using it as a spinach substitute, what a great idea.

    I never thought about putting it in a dhal either so thanks to @mangocheeks for that.


  4. Isn’ this the one of the most beautiful greens?


    • It really is.
      I’m discovering I really love photographing ingredients, and exploring their colours and textures through my lens.


  5. Kale is definitely one of my favorite greens. I love it cooked and also use it raw by blending it into smoothies. GOOD stuff.


    • I’ve never had raw kale. Interesting!
      I love it cooked though. It’s got this great texture, soft but firm.

      It is very good stuff indeed. It’s supposed to be very good for you. As well as being beautiful (that’s kale in the header, too).


  1. Hunter Green Monday

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