Persian feast in my kitchen: Intro

I mentioned earlier my culinary explorations: my friend A. and I get together and explore a cuisine of our choice. So far we cooked Sichuanese, Moroccan and Persian, just before my old kitchen went out. Tonight, I’ll tell you about our Persian adventures because – guess what – we have some photos from that! We exchanged some food for Sam’s photographic excellence – a great move – and voila!

IranianFeast06.09 074

Iranian yoghurt salad – Photo by Samantha Twigg Johnson


A. is very passionate about Persian cooking, which is an understatement, to tell you the truth. It was his fine idea to cook this feast.

It was a serious undertaking, mind you. Sometimes I think you must be mad to do it, which I suspect we were/are. It took us a week to plan it (decide on the recipes, devise the plan of action, etc.), a day to shop for it, and a day and a half to cook it. But it was all well worth it!

Take a look at the menu:



Yoghurt Salad (V)

Feat & walnut salad with herbs (V)

Stuffed peppers, aubergines and tomatoes in a tangy tomato sauce (V) –

Herb Kuku – Iranian baked omelette (V)

Lamb fillet kebabs



Saffron Rice (V)

Rice-stuffed roast chicken

Potato and lamb koresh (Iranian stew)

Duck in walnut and pomegranate sauce



Iranian almond and rosewater baklava served with vanilla ice-cream



We also made advieh, a Persian spice mixture:


IranianFeast06.09 026

Advieh – Photo by Samantha Twigg Johnson


Persian or Iranian cuisine has been, and still is, among the greatest in the world. With their sophisticated tastes and techniques, Persian cooks have influenced Indian and Middle-Eastern cooking. I chose this yoghurt salad for introduction because it gives indication of what Persian food is like: the use of yoghurt, walnuts, fresh herbs, attention to details in presentation. But more about this next time.

IranianFeast06.09 072

Iranian yoghurt salad – Photos by Samantha Twigg Johnson


Now, before I leave for tonight, I want to share with your our bibliography:


A Taste of Persia: An Introduction to Persian Cuisine

A taste of Persia – by Najmieh Batmanglij

This is an excellent book, and we found most of our recipes were from it. Clearly presented, with pictures of all dishes, and a helpful list of ingredients at the end. Excellent introduction into Persian cooking.


New Food of Life: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies

New Food of Life: Ancient Persian and Modern Iranian Cooking and Ceremonies – by Najmieh Batmanglij

Interesting, and larger in scope than A taste of Persia, but I was slightly put off by the presentation of the recipes.


The Legendary Cuisine of Persia

The legendary cuisine of Persia – by Margaret Shaida

This is a very informative, and beautifully written book on Persian cuisine. I bought it after our cooking session.


The Persian Kitchen: Home Cooking from the Middle East

The Persian Kitchen: Home Cooking from the Middle East – by Neda Afrashi

Another lovely book on Persian food and customs.


This is to tickle your imagination until next time. I hope you enjoyed it, and I hope it has made you at least a little curious about Persian cooking.



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  1. This is something I would like to indulge, gorge and eat and get so full that I could not move.. yes that kind. i so envy you. persian/turkish cuisine is something I could do everyday and still love it. That menu!! I am speechless.


  2. Maninas that was me.. using my husband’s account LOL showed up as default. Can’t believe I did that;-) this is what good food does to me.


  3. Love the Iranian yogurt salad and your blog. Thanks for sharing Iranian recipes!


  4. Mmm. This menu is making me hungry! I am especially craving the stuffed peppers, aubergines and tomatoes in a tangy tomato sauce. Sounds SO good.


  5. Such a delicious menu! It all sounds so good. Thanks too for the Persian cookbook recommendations!


  6. I love Persian cuisine! I used to make Persian food all the time when I lived in California. I also own one of the cookbooks and think it is one of the most beautiful cookbooks in my collection. I love Persian yoghurt salad, because it includes more subtle spices then in our Lebanese salad, a Persian friend once made it with rose petals.


  7. Oh that was such a yummy feast! Thanks again for that extraordinary menu.

    Right now we are eating homemade lavender shortbread. It didn’t turn out as I planned, but it’s still darn yummy. Wish you could come over and share some with us!


  8. SOMA, I thougt Touristspot is a spamming website! Sorry….

    I’m so glad to hear you like it! I recommend the Taste of Persia if you’d like to cook the Persian feast for yourself.

    AZITA, you are welcome. Thanks for leaving the comment and leading me to your wonderful Persian food blog.

    MOUSE, I have another Morrocan recipe for you! When the tomato season comes… Although, perhaps a squash would work with the same thing… I’ll think about it. I’ll write about our Moroccan feast soon.

    BELLE, you’re welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    TASTEOFBEIRUT, which book have you got? Our yoghurt salad had rose petals, too. Eventually! This photo was taken before the final garnish.

    SAM!!!!! ))) So lovely to see you here on my blog! Can’t wait to see T & you in person next week! How about an Indian feast in my house on Sat?

    Lavender shortbread sounds lovely. I really think you two need a blog!


  9. That spice mix really looks exotic. Looking forward to the other Persian blogs too


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