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Hello everyone! Long time no see? Yeap, it’s been a while. As you know, I’ve been away. I went to Croatia for two weeks, to visit my family and friends, and had wonderful time.

Unfortunately, I have no photos, as sadly my camera died completely just before we left. So, I am cameraless and sad now… On the lookout for a new one.

But, blogging shall resume. Even without photos. I’ll try to think of something. Meanwhile, I have some event hosting to do. Round-up for Eating with the seasons: April is on its way, and this week I’m also hosting Weekend Herb Blogging! Started by Kalyn, and now run by Haalo, this is the first blogging event I ever took part in, so I’m very excited to be hosting it again. Many thanks to Haalo for giving me this opportunity!

So, please send me your entries featuring your favourite herbs, plants, veggies, or flowers of the week by:

3 pm Sunday – Utah Time
10 pm Sunday – London Time
9 am Monday – Melbourne (Aus) Time
You can use this
converter to find out the corresponding time in your location.

My e-mail address is: maninas DOT wordpress AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk.

To send me your entry, please include the following in your email:

  • Your Name
  • Your Blog Name/URL
  • Your Post URL
  • Your Location
  • Attach a photo (please check here for specific host requirements)


Here’s where you can find the rules if you’d like to take part, and here’s where you can find out who’s hosting the next WHB.

I look forward to receiving your entries! :D


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  1. Nice to hear that you had a great time with your family… But sad enough to know that ur camera is functionally dead… Meanwhile shall send in some enmtries for this event… Ver interesting…


  2. No Pictures Maninas? 😦 I was so waiting for them.

    I have already mailed you my entry for WHB.. hope it was ok.


  3. Actually, darling, I did manage to get some from a friend of mine! I have some pics for you after all! 😀


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