Like an island or a cloud?

Do you….


feel lonely like an island?



… like a wandering cloud?


And what do you cook when you’re on your own? What do you cook purely for yourself?

Me, I cook Indian. Mainly vegetarian fare. That’s my soul food.

Sorry for the odd post. Just feeling a little lonely tonight.



ps. The photos were taken during last year’s holiday in the Channel Islands. More will follow.

pps. Round-up for Eating with the Seasons: MARCH coming soon!

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  1. Sending you a big hug. I like to cook simple but tasty things for myself, like pancakes or a nice dal dish. That said, I don’t much like cooking for myself.


  2. Razumjem te tretnutke usamljenosti ali i to će proći. Ja se u takvim trenucim više osjećam kao nekakav kukac koji izbezumljeno leti oko žarulje, pomisao na otok ili oblak mi je nekako čak romantična. Za sebe samu ne volim kuhati previše, u takvim trenucima osamljenosti se odajem najnižim strastima junk fooda koji si nikad ne dozvoljavam i ubivam se u tortilja čipsu i čokoladicama. 🙂


  3. Like an island, mostly. Most days, in fact. I used to work in the hustle and bustle of a bookshop 6 days a week and now, work silently from my home. I’m rarely lonely, but that’s only because I got so tired of people all the time…

    So. I too send you a huge, happy hug!

    Lonely can be good. You get to eat whatever you like. For me, it’s soup. No-one else ’round here thinks that soup is a complete meal. But I love it.


  4. Both maninas depending on my mood. right now i want to be alone.. alone & wandering may be? far from the crowd! just with a book…

    yes i cook only for myself.. whatever i crave at that moment.. or cook nothing at all.

    sending some sqeezy hugs to you:)
    Lovely pictures, so serene…


  5. Your blog is so beautiful… I’m so glad I discovered your lovely posts and recipes!

    Sending sympathies… Cooking when lonely can be so challenging… I tend to eat oatmeal for supper when I’m cooking for myself, something I need to work on a bit… 🙂


  6. A big big hug for you. Sometimes I just chill out with a large yoghurt smoothie and a book.


  7. …like an island, and that’s exactly what I’m feeling at the moment. I cook for myself, something very simple, or probably rustle up a salad.

    Sending big bear hugs your way 🙂


  8. realfoodlover

     /  27 March, 2009

    Thank you – it is a very touching post.

    I find cooking far more fun in company. I am more creative. I call it a co-creation because the other person’s energy seems to add to what I am making.

    When by myself, if all fails, I eat brown rice with garlic and olive oil. With any luck I also have reserves of home made yogurt and/of hummus. Smoothies are good too or a bowl of muesli.

    It’s important I eat healthy when I am feeling low.

    Sending good vibes through the ether xxx


  9. Thank you all for your lovely comments. And hug back!


  10. I cook maggi(a noodles) or scarmbled eggs on toast
    Are you feeling colorful like a rainbow now ?


  11. 🙂 I’m feeling sunny daffodil yellow! my favourite spring colour



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