Guernsey Hedge Veg


Would you believe me if I told you I found these amazing strawberries in a hedge? Yeap! In a hedge in Guernsey! And it’s not just one hedge but many that store such delights. And it’s not just veg, but also fruit, and flowers!


During our holiday on the Channel Islands, we were delighted by this cute local custom. All around the Guernsey, the islanders sell home-grown fruit, veg, flowers, conserves, etc. by placing them in the hedge, or by the road, often in brightly coloured boxes, or even converted cupboards. And it all operates based on honesty. There is a little metal box next to the produce, where customers can put money in. But the signs on these boxes below seems to suggest that it doesn’t always work, sadly.

IMG_9707  IMG_9709

This little shelf had amazing-looking green beans, peppers and aubergines. I wished I had somewhere to cook them!

And these strawberries – the best I’ve ever eaten! And not just because they were eaten on a country lane, near the sea, in the middle of a cycling ride. Aside from that summer day, they had a wonderful flavour of their own. The best I’ve ever had.


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  1. How fantastic – there are a few small producers around me that do this too. Imalways stopping my car to have a look at their offerings. I am missing strawberries already!!


  2. Hey, you’re on my wordpress login page today! Congratulations.


  3. They look divine. Sounds like you had a great time. Welcome back!


  4. Farmers use the roadside honour system on PEI in Canada, too. Granted, potatoes are a somewhat lower-value foodstuff, and a lot hardier in changing weather.


  5. this looks delicious… I also sent you my entry for Eating with the Season, not sure if you received it. Here is the link to the post.



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