ROUND-UP: Eating with the Seasons – AUGUST

Many thanks to everyone who took part in this month’s event! I apologise for such long delay in posting the round-up. I was away, and then when I came back I was incredibly busy with work, life, etc. Mainly work, unfortunately. So busy that I even didn’t have the time to take part in my own event… Shame shame on me… I missed my blog, but here I am again! Ready to crack on!

Enjoy the August round-up! I feel the summer is slipping away, and want to enjoy the last of the summer bounty while I still can. Join me for a tour of the best that August has to offer!







Dumplings in blueberry syrup ~ Lisa from Lisa’s Kitchen (London, Ontario, Canada)

In Lisa’s Kitchen, dumplings are simmered gently in a blueberry syrup. I almost feel I can smell them… 🙂 She says that the final result is surprisingly similar to a baked pudding.


Cantaloupe (& grapes)


Cantaloupe & Grape Juice ~ Trupti from Recipe Centre (USA)

Chilled juice to ease the heat featuring gorgeous seasonal fruit.





Cherry and Almond Muffins ~ Beth from Jam and Clotted Cream (UK)

It is a truth universally acknowledged that cherries and almonds go together beautifully! 🙂




Mango Milkshake/Smoothie ~ Sangeeth from Art of Cooking Indian Food (USA)



Instant mango pickle ~ Mythreyee from Paajaka Recipes (California, USA)

This good-looking South Indian mango pickle is made with raw mango and seasoned with turmeric, chili, asafoetida and mustard seeds.   




Peaches ~ Kat from Best Health Blog (Canada)

I totally sympathise with Kat’s dilemma: should we cook with peaches, or just eat them? Both are gorgeous. Check out her Banana and Peach smoothie with yogurt and mint. Beautiful!



Peach Upside-down Cake ~Sumi from Sumi’s Kitchen  





 Chocolate-dipped Strawberries ~ Mansi from Fun and Food (California, USA)

Mansi’s strawberries dipped in dark chocolate make for a luscious and satisfying desert. Not to mention visually beautiful!



Strawberry lemon iced tea ~ Cham from Spice Club (California, USA)

Cham makes a lovely lemony strawberry iced to to ease the summer heat. She also makes some gorgeous colourful popsicles. Check out her post to see for yourself!



Watermelon (& mixed



Nature’s Best Drink ~ Yasmeen at Health Nut (Cleveland OH, USA)

Yasmeen says blueberries, cherries, strawberries and watermelon are the best in this season in North East US. She uses them to make a healthy cooling drink.





Beet greens & Swiss



Soba Noodles with Soybeans, Beet Greens and Swiss Chard ~ Bee and Jai from Jugalbandi (USA)

The luscious beet greens and Swiss chard are home-grown by Bee and Jai, and the dish is a result of inspiration, getting the best out of this veg. Also, they say, the greens are incredibly easy to grow!




Maharastrian Carrot Salad ~ Neha from Tasty Recipes (Singapore)

Whoever says carrot salad salad is boring could not be more wrong! Neha definitely wows with her fabulous Maharastrian Carrot Salad (gajarchi koshimbir), in which carrots are mixed with chilies, crushed roasted peanuts and lime, and flavoured with a tempering of mustard seeds, urad dal, asafoetida and curry leaves.





Stuffed Bhindi (Okra) ~ Simple Indian Food (India)

Here is an interesting way of cooking okra/ladiesfingers. Okra / ladiesfingers is stuffed with coconut and spiced with chili and cumin, and then fried till tender.  



Red Spinach


Palak Paneer (Cottage cheese in spinach gravy) ~ Nags from Edible Garden (Singapore)

Nags uses Sailu’s recipe for an all time Indian favourite of palak paneer (cottage cheese in spinach gravy). I find that usually you can’t go wrong with Sailu’s recipe! 🙂   





Tomato Cooler ~ Trupti from Recipe Centre (USA)

This is a little like the Indian cousin of the Spanish gazpacho (chilled tomato soup), but with bold Indian flavours of pepper, chaat masala and mint, spiked with lemon juice. I just love the idea of this!



Mixed vegetables



Horiatiki (Greek summer salad) Suganya from Tasty Palettes (USA)

Suganya’s Horiatiki or Greek summer salad is an epitome of summer with its gorgeous cherry tomatoes, peppers, red onions, mint, et al



Indian-style quinoa salad ~ Srimathi at Few Minute Wonders (San Diego, CA, USA)

Srimathi dresses the Incas’ Gold or quinoa with gorgeous seasonal fruit and veg, Indian style. Gorgeous!



 Grilled Vegetable Salad ~ Trupti from Recipe Center (USA)

The stars of Trupti’s salad are vegetables only. Check it out.







Summer fish 

Mackerel, summer fish ~ Elizabeth at Real Food Lover (Bristol, UK)

Elizabeth from Real Food Lover joins us for the first time, with our first fish entry in the event! Mackerel is a summer fish, in season from June to October. This lovely oily fish has a gorgeous gutsy flavour. Here it is baked with butter, and served with steamed broccoli and asparagus. (Is asparagus seasonal now? Apparently in Cornwall it is. Check out Elizabeth’s blog to find out why!)




Pomphereter Kalia ~ Jaya from Spice and Curry (Kolkata, India)

Jaya shares this lovely fish curry, a Bengali speciality, prepared with freshly-made onion, ginger and garlic paste. Pomphereter, a saline water fish, is bought at a local fish market.


That’s all for August! Thank you all for taking part, and see you in September!

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  1. there are some fantastic dishes this month. Will have to get my thinking cap on for Sept!!


  2. Great job in the roundup…


  3. great roundup, and some new blogs to discover!:) thanks mani!


  4. Some great recipes!


  5. Great roundup. Fantastic array of dishes.


  6. Great round up and so many good recipes to try ..
    hugs and smiles



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