How to keep track of your favourite blogs – Feeds!

It can be a bit tricky keeping up with your favourite blogs. How do you know when there’s a new post/article? Do you keep checking the blog? In case you already know, good for you! In case you don’t, then read on! I saw this post at Mallika’s, which made me share my experiences with all of you. This will be a very handy tip for you indeed! 

I use RSS and other feeds to check out my favourite blogs. It’s super easy. Have a look at the top right corner of your browser if using internet explorer. See the small orange square next to the printer icon?


Click on it, and it will get you to the feed of the blog/page you’re on. Towards the top of the page, there will be a link saying sth like ’subscribe to this feed’. Click on it. It will ask you how to save it. now this works a bit like favourites. In fact, you’ll find the feeds you saved next to your favourites. Anyhow, add a folder to it if you wish, name it, and save it. Some blogs will have the feed icon on them, with others, just check out the orange square in your own browser.

And this is how you get to what you’ve just saved. Now look to the left hand corner and find the star icon (the favourites are here, too). Again, click on the little orange square, and this will take you to your saved feeds. When there’s a new post on the page you’re reading, it will show in bold.

That’s it! Easy-peasy, and it’s in your browser. The only downside is that it’s on your computer only. I like it because all the feeds are there together, and i don’t even need to visit another webpage!

Other than this, there are various blog aggregators, such as Bloglines. Also, some people use Google Reader

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  1. I recently started using google reader and it’s brilliant, except for the fact that I have nearly 200 blogs on it!!


  2. hmm good info..


  3. i use google reader and love it!


  4. i have tried google reader and bloglines, and like bloglines a little better.


  5. Why’s that? what do you find better about bloglines?


  6. if you use apple, there’s an RSS thingy in the bookmarks folder. i like that.



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