Eating seasonally & (as much as possible) locally is something that I am very passionate about. For me, these are some of the most important reasons for it:

Environment. Greenhouses, food miles, pollution. All this comes to our tables attached with green beans from Kenya in February, or butternut squash from Argentina in June. And it’s really unnecessary. Eating seasonally is one of the simplest changes to our lifestyle that we can make to make our world a better, cleaner, greener place. Please join me!   

Flavour. This one is a no-brainer. Let us compare and contrast. Watery, tasteless tomato in January vs. its juicy flavourful cousin in July. Now which one would you rather have? I think you know what I’m getting at.

Food cost. Eating what’s in season is not only better for the environment, and tastier, but also by far easier on the wallet. When in season, blueberries are not just at their best, but also at their cheapest. Also, in my books, buying tasteless food is a real waste of money. Pointless. 

Variety. It forces me to stop indulging in my favourite foods, and explore other possibilities. And so discover new favourite foods! :)

Harmony with the Nature. Eating certain foods at a certain time in the year somehow just feels intrinsically right. Imagine a comforting hug of a velvety butternut squash soup on a winter evening, or a crisp refreshment of a simple salad on a summer afternoon, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.


How can we do it? Certainly, the first step is to try and find out what’s in season in your part of the world and when. This is where this event comes in. I’d like to encourage us all to do a little research on what’s in season where we live right now, share information, our experiences and recipes and create a resource of delicious seasonal recipes for everyone to use.


Join me!


  • Go and find out what’s in season where you live in July.
  • You can choose: fruit, vegetables, fish, meat.
  • Write a post/text if you are a non-blogger containing a recipe and/or information about your chosen seasonal item. You may post more than one recipe.
  • Post it and email it to me before 15 July, and I’ll post a round-up in a few days. The plan is to go from 15th to 15th in the month (eventually), so we have some time to enjoy the recipes for dishes that are in season.
  • Please submit a post specifically written for this event,  and please do not submit this post to other blogging events; one exception are photography events such as  Does My Blog Look Good in This.


To take part: 


Please send an e-mail to maninas [DOT] wordpress [AT] yahoo [DOT[ co [DOT] uk including the following information:

  • your name and country (and town if you wish)
  • your seasonal item
  • name & link to your blog
  • name of your post & link to your post
  • one photograph
  • with ‘Eating with the season’ in the subject line of your e-mail
  • & please link to this post


I really look forward to your entries!

41 thoughts on “Event Announcement: EATING WITH THE SEASONS

  1. I applaud you for this heroic effort and can I just say that I couldn’t agree more. While I’m no local produce Nazi, I try as much as possible to eat seasonal food. I highly recommend Sarah Raven’s Garden Cookbook to help the process. And pls count my entry in!

  2. VEGEYUM GANGA, thanks for the link! Yes, I did ask you about kali da. Interestingly, I found the very same recipe by Mallika a couple of days before you sent me the link. :) And yes, it does sound rather similar to what my friend cooked.

    MALLIKA, oh gosh, I really didn’t want to sound like a food Nazi… I just wanted to encourage people to cook seasonally….

    I look forward to your entry!

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