2 kg of rhubarb & a lesson in RP

Every so often my husband’s Northern tones enter my speech. Thus at a village fete down South last weekend, my short and brisk Northern ‘plant’ was automatically corrected to a slightly elongated, softer ‘plaahnt’. It couldn’t have been my foreign accent that commanded such automatic correction, because I don’t really have one anymore. Croatians speaking English sound a little bit like Russians, but with a different melody to the sentence. According to Someone Significant, I used to have a cute foreign accent, but that has now long gone, after many years of living and studying in this country. In any case, I managed to walk away from this conversation with 2 kg of rhubarb that I wasn’t quite planning to buy, and with a short lesson in RP. Ever so slightly bemused.

And what happened to the rhubarb, you’ll ask. Well, 3 things happen to rhubarb in my house:

1. crumble

2. it gets stewed with sugar and vanilla/rose water

3. it gets dipped into sugar and eaten raw (if young).

As for the crumble, try this combination! Stew the rhubarb with sugar and rose water to taste, and add some chopped toasted almonds in the crumble topping. Delish!

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  1. Inspired by Marcus’ book? I still have to try the combination of rose water and rhubarb, it sounds so good!


  2. yeap! it was actually! he uses it in a rhubarb fool, and I thought it would be great in a crumble, with the addition of almonds! i was going to write a post about it. eventually.


  3. Rhubarb and rosewater! Ohhh, I like the sound of that very much. I’ve been looking for ideas on how to use this huge amount of rhubarb I have and will definitely try out this combination. So glad you shared that and hope to see some more rhubarb recipes from you!


  4. Thanks! I saw your post, too. your photo is gorgeous, btw. i can almost feel the silky texture of raw rhubarb when i look at it, and the colours are stunning.



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