Blog-tasting again! Yum!

Have you tried Burekaboy’s falafel yet? No? For god’s sake, what are you waiting for? They’re gorgeous!!! I looove the addition of sesame seeds in these gorgeous golden chickpea flour fritters!

OK, how about Sailu’s Palak Paneer, spinach and paneer (Indian cheese curry)? If not, you should!

And how about her Simple Mutton Curry? It may be simple, but it tastes terrific! Easy to make, big on flavour; in short, a real winner!

While you’re at it, Barbara’s Curried Chicken From the Oven: Masalewali Dum Murghi is also a must! It’s not a pretty curry, especially before it goes in theo oven, but it wows with performance, i.e. taste!


And what do you think? Any dishes you know about that I should try? Please leave the details in the comments section!

More Blog-tasting at Maninas HERE!



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  1. great concept of a blog tasting section….there are so many recipes around it’s so difficult to get to them all!


  2. True! There are myriads of recipes out there! Also, this is like an online bookmark for myself, and a recommendation to everyone else.


  3. I’ve been meaning to make falafel for sometime now. Thanks for the link, will check it out!


  4. I recommend it wholeheartedly! That’s probably the best falafel I’ve ever had! No exagerations! Though when I made it, I left it in the fridge for almost a day to allow for the flavours to mingle together!


  5. great idea… do let me know if you find any of my posts interesting… i love them all 🙂


  6. Hey Maninas,

    You re blog tasting? I am impressed. I am hosting my new event dedicated to cooking from other blogs. I would love to have you participated as the Blog Of The Month.


  7. SWATI, welcome to my blog! I’ll definitely let you know when I try something from your blog! Your kichdi sure looks delish! I’ll explore it further when I have some more time! 😀

    ZLAMUSHKA, Yes, I’ve been blogtasting for ages now. I even have a category for ‘blogtasting’ and everything I’ve tried from other blogs goes in there!

    I’d be happy to participate as the Blog of the Month, thank you for thinking of me! 🙂


  1. RCI Rajasthan: Lal Maas (Red Lamb Curry) « Maninas: Food Matters

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