Chana Masala Perfected & Beautiful Rajma

I think I’ve finally cracked my perfect chana masala, and I’m very happy about that because a good chana masala is very good indeed!

It happened almost by chance. I wanted a lentil dish to go with my curry feast, and I simply very loosely followed the ingredients list on my box of MDH chana masala. Now, please note that I didn’t actually use the MDH masala – no – I just used the spices listed in the ingredients list.

It was so good that I made it the next day, and the week later, I made the same thing with red kidney beans (rajma). Both are more than worth sharing! Tomorrow, because I feel a little knackered now…


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  1. Hey amazing color. You just used the ingredients? How about quantity? Plesae post the whole recipe or at least what ingredients they were.


  2. Hi Zlamushka, I’ll post the whole recipe soon, along with the method.


  1. Chana Masala & Rajma - From Scratch! « Maninas: Food Matters

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