Eating Oxford: Edamame

Edamamé, 15 Holywell Street
Oxford OX1 3SA

The small but cosy Edamame serves authentic Japanese home-style food to many an enthusiastic customer. Indeed, though slightly off the beaten path, it attracts a pretty little crowd every day, and rightly so! The setting is unpretentios, simple and cosy, and the food is absolutely gorgeous: simple, but delicious! Despite the fact that there is no booking, it doesn’t open every day, and it serves sushi only on Thursday, this little gem of a restaurant remains a firm favourite among the Oxford foodies.

I loved absolutely everything I’ve had there: yakisoba, pork curry, salmon hotpot, mixed fish with sushi rice, shoyu ramen, etc. I wholeheartedly recommend  the yakisoba noodles, stir fried with mixed vegetables and seasoned minced pork (or chicken), topped with seaweed powder, pickled ginger, dried fish flakes. The flavour combination is out of this world! The curry was just right – gently spiced, flavoursome, velvety.

If you happen to be in Oxford, Edamame is the perfect place to go for lunch. The food comes out quickly, so there’s not much waiting involved, which is great if you only have an hour for lunch. There is often a little queue, but you do get seated very quickly. Also, with rice and miso soup included, it’s very good value, with prices ranging from £6 – £9 during lunch time.

If if I were asked to name one negative point, it would be that the style of eating is sometimes too fast for my tastes. Sometimes, I like spending two hours or more over dinner, just chatting to my friends, and enjoying multiple courses.

I was going to write something like ‘The message is: we want another, bigger Edamame’ but I guess that wouldn’t be the Edamame I know and love then. It’s cosiness and quirkiness are, for me, just a part of its charm.


Food – 5/5      Delicious!

Service = 5/5      Always friendly and quick.

Ambience = 4/5     Small, but cosy.

Value for money = 5/5     Excellent, especially at lunch times.

Disabled Access.   Yes. There is a ramp that enables wheelchair access.


DID YOU KNOW? Edamame are fresh green soy beans, served with sea salt.


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  1. Otkad sam probala Edamame u školi, naprosto sam luda za njima. To je nešto fantastično, zar ne? 😉


  2. yeap!

    eto, ako se jednom nadjes u oxfordu, znas gdje trebas ici!



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