4s – About a girl behind the blog

I’ve been a little shy with this blog when talking about myself. It’s time to finally do the Fours meme that the lovely VegeYum tagged me for! I’m giving you a bundle of fours, containing facts about me, the girl behind the blog!


Four favourite places in the world




Lake District


Four places I would like to visit



Grand Canyon

Japan (especially during the sakura season)


You can see that I’m attracted by all that’s Eastern (apart from Grand Canyon), and all natural (e.g. Grand Canyon). I love being outdoors.


Four favourite ingredients




Herbs!   (I know this is cheating, but I couldn’t decide between mint, lemon thyme, basil and coriander! I’m also nuts about spices!)



Four weirdest things I’ve eaten

Chocolate-coated ants (!!!)

Venezuelan ant and chili sauce

Frogs’ legs

Horse steak   (S., I hope you’ll still be my friend after you read this! If it’s any consolation, I didn’t like it at all, and I only tried a bit of C’s!)


It wasn’t easy to decide what to put here, because what’s weird to some is perfectly normal to others. That’s me eating snails in the photo above – not that I like them much. I’ve eaten brain (and I really like it), kidneys, tripe (yuck! I hated that, though I like the sauce they’re cooked in), black pudding, lungs, boiled cockerel’s testicles, but I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s very very weird (apart from the latter!). I put frogs’ legs on the list because I didn’t really like the texture nor the taste of them. However, chocolate-coated ants definitely top this list! I bet you’re wondering how they tasted. Well, they were coated in milk chocolate, and so they tasted of that. They were a little salty, and the texture was weird – like very fine fish bones – stick-like, spiky, bitsy. The ant and chili sauce had a great flavour though! I loved it!


Four favourite everyday activities (that I can talk about in public)

Cooking with my husband (especially when baking, and trying new ingredients)


Sitting on a beach in Dalmatia, preferably with a friend



There we go! I must say I had trouble keeping to only 4 things! 🙂

This meme has been around for a while, and a lot of people have done it. Because of this, I won’t tag anyone for this meme. If you wish to do it, consider yourself tagged! 


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  1. I enjoyed reading this. But horse meat? Tsk tsk…


  2. I know, I know…. I’m a bad, bad girl!


  3. Vege Yum led us here and so glad she tagged you! It’s nice to meat you! BTW- horse steak? 😦 He grew up with horses, but he’s glad to know you didn’t like it! 🙂


  4. Interesting, thanks for sharing a bit about yourself.


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