Blog Tasting

Here are a few fantastic recipes I blog-tasted (or tried from other blogs recently), but haven’t blogged about yet. I recommend them wholeheartedly! Two dishes are vegetarian, and two non-vegetarian.


Parsee Lamb Curry with Apricots


Mallika from Quick Indian Cooking got the recipe for this fantastic curry from her mum. All I can say is – I’m so glad that she did! This is one of  the best curries I’ve ever made, fragrant and delicious! I replaced lamb with chicken thighs, which worked perfectly. We licked our plates clean, and then we fought our way to the kitchen as to who is going to lick the pan! D I will definitely make this again, and so should you!


Roasted Butternut Squash with Moroccan Spices


This amazing dish with a lovely, warming spice mixture comes from Kalyn’s Kitchen. We had it as a main course, with some couscous spiced with ground ginger (I chose this as my dominating flavour), paprika and cumin, and drizzled with some yogurt flavoured with fresh coriander. We loved it and I’m sure you will, too!

I have since used the spice mixture with sweet potatoes, which worked really well, too. I also made a jar of spice mixture as a present for my mother-in-law who liked it a lot.


Kat’s Chicken Curry


Barbara, who writes a wonderfully inspirational and informative blog Tigers & Strawberries, makes this lovely chicken curry for her whole family to enjoy, including her little babygirl. It smelled and tastes absolutely amazing! I loved the masala, with its perfect balance of tastes – exceptional! I tweaked the curry a little to suit the tastes of two adults (by adding 5 green chilies), and changed the method slightly to make up for the lack of food processor/spice grinder (I used pestle and mortar only). Here is my post about it!


Moroccan Baby Carrot Salad


I loved this salad of Heidi’s. Light, flavourful and simple.

8 thoughts on “Blog Tasting

  1. Bas mi je drago da ti se svidja moj novi dizajn! Bas mi je neki dan jedna prija rekla da joj je prije bilo bolje pa sad ne znam…Meni je osobno draze sad ;)

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