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Cooking has many functions, and only one of them is about feeding people.




What do you think? I’m curious to know how do you feel when you cook, and what does cooking mean to you? What does eating mean to you?

I look forward to hearing/reading what you think.



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  1. Cooking is a means of liberation, of comfort, of venting, of letting go.

    More than eating, I am interested in the feeding. I don’t feel like cooking if I don’t have someone to taste it and eat with me. The sense of satisfaction is unmatchable!


  2. cooking means, “heck, who will do the dishes”. eating to me it’s just a way of dealing with hunger. nothing more, nothing less. sometimes, i go out of my way to make something special, but really, if there’s bread and cream cheese in the fridge, i’m happy. i rarely ever cook for myself when i,m alone.

    cooking for others to me means doing something special for them.


  3. Oh my goodness, what a big big question. How much time have you got? Just kidding.

    i believe in Food as Medicine, so cooking is about keeping healthy and keeping those around you healthy.

    i love that i can breathe love into the food that i cook.

    cooking and playing with ingredients allows me to show my creative side, in a world where I get little opportunity to do this.

    cooking and eating is about community and family.

    cooking is about service to others. it is about making others happy.

    cooking is about playing and learning and discovery and breaking down barriers.

    and in many parts of the world, food and cooking is an integral part of their spirituality. ask any Hindu! 🙂 In Hinduism it is a supreme act to feed the poor. Spiritual or not, it is a wonderful way to give.

    better stop there…. it is such a GREAT question! Thank you for asking.


  4. I love cooking. But there are days i hate doing it too.
    But mostly when i cooks it relax me.
    When i am upset i go to the kitchen and make something from scratch and i know by the time it is done i am back to normal.
    Ofcourse depends for what i am crancky for 🙂
    Love to eat.
    I always say pity one can’t eat what ever one wants . Atleast if i do that the pounds are gaining around every were.
    But i do love cooking for my family and friends and enjoy seeing them eating what i have made for them.


  5. I totally agree with VegeYum: what a great question!

    Cooking for me is about pleasure. It doesn’t matter if it’s a banquet for several people or just a special sandwich for 1 person: pleasure must be an ingredient.

    On the other hand, I really dislike the question “what’s for lunch today?” And today? And today?? That’s more of an obligation, and for me pleasure + obligation is a difficult match.


  6. I live and breathe food.


  7. It’s great fun! I love it for the same reason I loved burning magnesium in science lessons.

    It’s really relaxing. Chopping and mincing and blending at the end of a hard day helps me unwind.

    I’m a bit greedy. I don’t mean I eat a lot (I don’t really). But I want to eat what I want to eat and the ability to make these things is great.

    I’m also quite vain. I want to be able to eat as much as I want without putting on lots of weight! Knowing what I’m eating makes that possible.

    I love to cook for others but my favourite cooking is just for me. That’s when I experiment and that’s when I cook really well.


  8. Cooking is a way of relaxing after a busy day.
    It’s a chance to experiment with new flavors.
    It’s time for me and mon mari to sip a glass of wine and talk about the day.
    It allows me to be creative with a purpose – nourishes the soul as well as the body.


  9. For many years, I worked in a job where there was no concrete product. Cooking became a way of satisfying my need to create something solid and real, something that I could give to others, that could be held in the hand.

    Cooking is a way to relax, a way to achieve calm, believing as I do that to see virtue, one must have a calm mind.

    I live places that don’t have a diversity of good restaurants. Cooking allows me to eat my dreams, instead of being sad about the things that aren’t available to me. And since I travel back and forth between two worlds, cooking gives my life continuity and stability, and allows me to enjoy the flavors I desire, no matter where I live.

    And did I say I like to eat? That, too.


  10. Thank you, everyone, for you comments. This was very interesting.

    I’ll share my thoughts on cooking soon.


  11. I hate cooking. Every time I have to cook something I think why I am not a superstar or a millionaire? If I were, I would have a cook and I will never do anything myself!


  12. What is it about cooking that makes you feel like that?



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