8 thoughts on “halloumi

  1. Would you belive that I didn’t post this yesterday? Because I didn’t. I posted this two months ago (!), and somehow it misteriously appeared on my blog today! See here for the recipe…. What can I say? Strange are the ways of Flickr, it seems…. I have some more photos floating around like this, that didn’t end up on my blog when I tried emailing them to m blog, so I may get a few more like this!

    FRESH ADRIATIC FISH, halloumi is a type of mild Cypriot cheese. If you click on the link above, you will find more information and my recipe.

  2. Ladies, if you have any suggestions, bring them on! :) I’d love to try them! I’m especially looking for exciting ways to marinade halloumi! Maybe I will try a marinade similar to the dressing… hm hm idea!!!

  3. I love hallumi, I tend to roast it on top of roast vegetables instead chicken or meat and i also like to have it fresh in a sandwich with cucumber and tomatoes, Yummy:-)
    X Matin

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