Recipe Appeal – AKA Beans Meanz….. Winter!

In Croatia, winter means only one – Beans soup, known as Fazol in Dalmatia, or Grah elsewhere in Croatia! Thick, velvety soup with beans and chunks of sausage in it, and sometimes bits of pasta (optional).

And here it is, my friend’s husband’s speciality, with peppers, two or three types of sausage, two types of beans, and a special ingredient – pickled chilies! The chilies gave it a special sour tang that I liked so much, and the soup was finished off in the oven, baked in this beautiful clay dish.


 The only trouble is – I don’t have the recipe!!! And that’s a big trouble indeed!

So, my dear S & D, we have a bit of an emergency situation here! And the only thing that can save us is you! RECIPE PLEASE! Quick! Quick!

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  1. wow, that looks so tempting. I want to cook it now!
    Recipe please S&D, save us all.


  2. Hi! I’ve seen you at the leftoverqueen welcome forum with your new blog in town. This recipe you show here it reminds me of “Fabada Asturiana” which is also made out of beans (Spanish beans though). I will upload it when it gets colder here and you’ll see there’s many things in common… Did I tell you I’m Spanish?
    Check my place if you want to! See you!


  3. Your vegetrain dishes looks really delightful. Especially ur mom’s tomato sauce. Really nice one.


  4. yum! beans and sausage….what could go wrong?!


  5. SAJU, I still don’t have the recipe… oh well… I’ll post it as soon as I get it!

    NURIA, I’d love to see your beans recipe! Drop me a link here when you post it! 🙂 I’ll check out your blog!

    SHIVAPRIYA, I’m glad you like my vegetarian dishes. I love cooking and eating vegetarian food!

    NABEELA, absolutely nothing at all! 🙂 I loved the addition of pickled chilies in the soup! They added a lovely spicy sour tang to the dish!



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