Blog Action Day: Environment

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

It’s Blog Action Day today, and this time the topic is environment.

Our way of living is affecting the world we live in – let’s face it, and let’s take responsibility for it. There are very small changes you can do to your lifestyle that can make a tremendous contribution, so why not make them? I don’t subscribe to the belief that one person cannot do much on his/her own; rather, I believe that every single person, and every single action counts.

Please see below for some suggestions. I divided my lists into three: forming environment-friendly habits, blogging and food blogging.


I’m not saying I’m perfect – far from it, but I do try and incorporate environmentally friendly habits into my life. Here’s what we can do together to help preserve the world we live in!

1) RECYCLE RECYCLE RECYCLE! Please don’t be lazy to recycle – it’s really important. Try and find out about your local recycling scheme (I.e. what it is that you can recycle), and try and follow it. It’s not that difficult at all to get into a habit of not binning certain things, and putting them aside. For example, take time each week to sort out your papers – what can be recycled and what not. We even go as far as to remove non-recyclable part of our envelopes, so we can recycle the rest.

2) Use energy saving light bulbs.

3) Turn the lights around that house that you don’t need. If you’re in the living room, why do you need all those lights on the hall, or in the kitchen?

4) Cycle and walk instead of driving. It’s better for the environment, and it’s better for you. Or when you have to drive, use public transport.

5) Reuse paper. Sheets of paper printed on one side can be reused as scrap paper, or for making notes!

6) Turn off the shower water inbetween shampooing, etc. Nope, the water doesn’t need to be on all the time while you’re in the shower.


What can we as bloggers do to help look after our environment? Check here, at Problogger’s!


1) Eat seasonally and locally, to reduce the impact of food miles. Try not to get into the habit of eating say tomatoes every day/week when they’re not in season. This habit made me explore other foods more. I try not to rely on my favourites all the time, but explore what else is there. It makes me eat more variedly, too.

2) Do not waste food.

a) Buy only as much as you can eat. Planning meals helps here.

b) When preparing meals, check what goes off first, and then use that up first, so you don’t have to throw it away later.

c) Also, often, there’s lots of uneaten food left on the plate that gets thrown away later. Instead, take smaller portions. You can always have some more if you’re still feeling peckish!

3) Use that scrap paper (see 5 above) to write shopping lists! 🙂

4) Turn off appliances when you stop using them. For example, your microwave does not have to be on the whole day! Turn it off completely when you’re not using it.

5) Eat less processed food because energy that goes into making it is being wasted. Eat more raw food!

Please tell us what you do to help look after our environment! I’m looking forward to hearing your suggestions and learning from you!

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  1. Great post – food for thought!


  2. Nice post, can I paste it on my blog too?


  3. Maninas

     /  16 October, 2007

    Sure, I’d love to be a guest blogger on your lovely blog, Padma! Just make sure you include a link to my original post, please.


  4. Totally agree with you. What annoys me the most is that most supermarket food has air miles stickers!! What are busy people meant to do???


  5. Wow, great blog!! This post has been particularly informative. I don’t think the concept of food miles has come to our shores here in Malaysia. I’m going to learn to be more aware. Thank you!



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