Image issues

I am having some issues uploading photos to my blog. Unwittingly, I’ve exceeded my upload limit, so I have to delete some photos. I’ve been using Windows Live Writer to post, and didn’t reduce the size of my images. Still, I ended up with two files in my uploading tool (in WordPress: the window below text editor, used to upload images): one with up tp 100 kb, and another that is larger. How did that happen? Can anyone help, please? How do you upload/resize images? Many thanks!


In the meantime, I will post a couple of restaurant reviews from Zagreb, Samobor and Split, so stay tuned!




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  1. Windows Live Writer resizes the images for you. By default, two images are uploaded: one that appears right in the blog post, and a (generally, larger) version that you see if you click on that image.

    If you don’t want the larger “click-through” image, select an image, and on the image sidebar, look for “Link To”, and change it from “Source Image” to “None”. At the bottom of the sidebar you can save that as your default setting.


  2. You might think abut switching your blog to a site that doesnt place limits on the photos you upload. Check out blogger though I am sure there are others.
    BTW, gorgeous cheese, basil, lime, chili snack!


  3. JOE CHENG, WOW THANKS! You’re my saviour! I quite like Windows Live Writer, it has a nice interface, and it’s great with photos. I have had some problems though. Sometimes it crashes, and it takes ages to load. Once again, MANY THANKS!

    SARAH, I tried using Blogger, but I thought WordPress was better and had better options. Thanks for suggesting this anyway. I will probably have to do something like that in the long run.
    Glad you like my halloumi snack! I almost bought some more halloumi an hour ago mmmm 🙂


  4. Totally feel for you, Maninas!!! I had exactly the same problem and was tearing my hair out. But I have now sorted it out. And I’m on WordPress. Perhaps the above solution has sorted things out for you but here’s what I’m doing –
    Step 1 – Get a Flickr account.
    Step 2 – Upload photos you want to use to.
    Step 3 – When looking at photo in Flickr click on “View Different Sizes” link at the right of the photo.
    Step 4 – Choose size you want.
    Step 5 – Cut URL link (below photo).
    Step 6 – In your wordpress post, click on the little picture button (i.e. insert image)
    Step 7 – Paste URL. Press enter and voila!

    Only other things I’d say is add your photos after you’ve written your post or risk messing up the formatting. And add the Flickr box to your sidebar so folk can see larger versions of your photos if they want to. 🙂


  5. Maninas

     /  11 October, 2007

    Thank you, Wendy! I did use Flickr (I love that website), but I find it easier to use Windows Live Writer. Thanks to Joe Cheng, I’ve got it sorted now.

    I also used to email photos to my blog using Picasa and Flickr. However, I find it doesn’t always work. I have no idea why.



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