inspired: grilled halloumi with red chili, basil, lime juice and olive oil dressing

halloumi is a type of mild cypriot cheese, that holds its shape well when grilling. also, because of its mild taste, it combines really well with other flavour. great for experimentation! 

feeling inspired, here’s what i came up with.

 unfortunately, no photo this time. visually, it looked fantastic, but i didn’t remember to take the photo until i finished it off! oops! :)

 i had it as a light and quick lunch with some crusty bread.  serving it as a starter at a dinner party would be a great idea, too. or, make a larger quantity of tomatoes and other veg, and turn it into a big salad!

btw, i love these spontaneous posts!


 UPDATE 13 September

looks like i can’t stay away from my halloumi. i made it again! here’s a pic!



grilled halloumi with red chili, basil, lime juice and olive oil dressing


SOURCE: momentary inspiration, own recipe







 Grilled halloumi

4 slices of halloumi

a squeeze of lime juice

a dollop of good quality olive oil

a good pinch of dried red chili flakes

some freshly ground pepper


Tomato salad

1 large tomato, sliced

a few leaves of fresh basil

a tiny pinch of salt



1. Prepare the salad: slice the tomato and tear the basil leaves in small pieces. Mix, add salt, and put on a plate.

2. Heat the grill pan/grill. Grill the halloumi until nice and brown on both sides.

3. Place the grilled cheese on the plate next to the tomatoes. Sprinkle the cheese and the tomatoes with lime juice, olive oil, chili pepper and ground pepper.



Delicious! Will make again. and again. and again! :)




It’s the 100th Weekend Herb Blogging (WHB) event this week!!! Isn’t that impressive? I definitely think it is, and I’m submitting this post to celebrate this event! The recipe features one of my favourite plants, basil (which I grew myself!), so it’s only right that I do so! Let’s not forget, this event was started by Kalyn of Kalyn’s kitchen. Here’s where you can find the rules if you’d like to take part, and here’s where you can find out who’s hosting the next WHB. WHB #100 is hosted by Katerina of Daily Unadventures in Cooking.


20 thoughts on “inspired: grilled halloumi with red chili, basil, lime juice and olive oil dressing

  1. mmm i’d make it again if i had any halloumi left! unfortunately, i finshed this packet! time to get another one!

    let me know if you like it. enjoy!

  2. ANH, glad you like the photo! With its contrasting colours, this is a very visual dish, and a joy to photograph. As well as to eat, of course! :)

    KALYN, thank you for the compliments! Do try halloumi, it’s delicious when grilled!

    BUREKABOY, have you got any recipes for halloumi? :)

  3. Hi Melissa, halloumi is a type of mild Cypriot cheese, that has a firm structure, and is excellent for grilling. Thanks for dropping by!

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