Stuffing for the Croatian roast lamb on the spit

I promised you the recipe for the stuffing for the Croatian roast lamb on the spit in one of my previous post. I’m sure not many will attempt to roast the lamb like this (an under-under-understatement!), but here it is, just in case! If you do, you must tell me! 😀

I haven’t had this for ages, but I like it a lot. It contains a mix of structures: soft intestine contrasts with the firmness of prsut (Dalmatian smoked ham similar to Spanish jamon serrano, or Italian Parma ham), all bound together with eggs. It tastes great, too, lamby and salty and hamy…. yum! 🙂



Stuffing for the Croatian roast lamb on the spit


SOURCE: my grandma’s recipe (as reported by mum!)


COOKING TIME (inside the lamb):  2.5 – 3 h

CUISINE: Croatian (Dalmatian)



  • lamb’s intestine, washed and cleaned
  • liver
  • stomach
  • lungs
  • 5 – 6 eggs
  • 0.5 kg or more prsut
  • bread (crust removed)
  • salt, pepper, vegeta


  • wash the intestine, liver, stomach – everything from lamb’s stomach and boil it for a few minutes
  •  when done, drain, and cut into small pieces
  •  put in a big bowl and add chopped prsut, 5 – 6 whole eggs (fresh), pieces of bread (crust removed), salt, pepper, vegeta. Add more bread if necessary to make a malleable mixture.  
  • mix the ingredients – that’s the stuffing
  • stuff the lamb’s belly with the above mixture, and saw it up so it doesn’t fall out.
  • Roast the lamb!


* On average, use 0.5 kg lamb per person. The numbers here are for a lamb weighing 12 – 15 kg (uncooked).


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  1. Does this mean you are back?


  2. Maninas

     /  9 August, 2007

    Nope… but thanks for asking

    btw, i loved your recipe with poppy seeds! I will have to try that. You read my mind that day – I’ve been craving for some simple and spicy Indian vegetable curry… [sigh]


  3. holly

     /  24 February, 2008

    What a great website, I was looking for a recipe to roast a whole lamb. I live on a ranch in Northern Alberta, Canada, we have just started raising sheep so I have the “raw” material to work with.
    Hmmm Croatia, hard for me to even imagine your country.
    Thank you much, Holly.



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