Hero of the day: Khobez Bread



I’ve had an idea about writing a mock-tragic, hopefully humouristic, story about a beautiful (?) maiden befallen by a great lunch tragedy. She is known as Lady Munch-Lunch, or Donna Luncha della Muncha, or Gospa Gricka in Croatian! There is a happy ending, naturally, as she is saved by a hero called Khobez. Luckily for you, I gave up on that plan, thinking that the world has too many crappy stories already. Therefore, this time, here’s a relatively sober story about the hero only, and the very end of my non-existent story: 

Lady Munch-Lunch:  Ladies and gentlemen of the food blog world, I give you – our hero Khobez (aka khubz, or khobz)!

Sir Khobez the Knight: My lady [bow] … I stand… at your convenience!

Wrapped Khobez Unwrapped


Here is what those in the know have to say about out hero:



From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Khubz is an Arabic flatbread, which is part of the local diet in many countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

Khubz is a large flat bread baked in a special oven. The dough is rolled out like a pizza dough then it is positioned on a round board and slapped on to the inside wall of the large round stone oven. The impact of the slapping action causes the dough to stick to the wall of the traditional oven, where it remains until it is bubbling and brown and cooked through, then a long wire hook is used to remove the finished Khubz and throw it over to a tile counter where it is ready to be sold.

The whole process is carried out by two or three men. Khubz is much larger than a Lebanese Pita bread.





Now that we’re all better informed,  let’s continue with our story! As you can see, what I have here is mini khobez bread. You can find it in your local Middle Eastern groceries shop; some Asian shops also stock it.  Alternatively, if you’d like to try making it, you can find some recipes at Book of Rai and Morocco USA.


Khobez bread is incredibly versatile and. You can use it to mop the delicious juices of your tagine, or any other sauce;  and to make sandwich wraps, with your favorite choice of filling. However, it gets more interesting than that! Here are a few suggestions.



SUGGESTION 1: Khobez – Pizza base!


At college, I learnt of a friend that it can be used as a delicious thin crusty pizza base, for example! We used to buy big khobez bread, freeze it, and take it out as we need it (Yes, it freezes well). We’d spread it with tomato sauce, plus a few other things, and top it with some cheese, and what ever took our fancy at the time. Needless to say, there was always some chili, crushed or otherwise!

Here is what I did this time:


Quick & easy khobez pizza


SOURCE: Friend + inspiration

PREP & COOKING TIME: about 10 min






2 mini khobez breads


Tomato Sauce

tomato passata or chopped tomatoes


salt, pepper, sugar – to taste

crushed chilies

chopped garlic


Topping 1


a few slices of Italian salami

sliced courgette


Topping 2

sliced courgette






1. Mix all the sauce ingredients in a bowl. Adjust amounts according to taste, and spread on the bread.


2. Add the toppings.


topping 1



topping 2



3. Pop it under the grill or in the oven until the cheese starts to melt. Use low heat, otherwise the bread will burn.  And voila!


pizza 1



pizza 2

Pizza 2



Gorgeous! I love the thin crusty base, and I often make this! It’s a quick and cheap lunch that gives lots of space to creativity!


SUGGESTION 2: bread with seeds to use with dips

 This idea comes from Mediterranean: Food of the Sun by Farrow and Clark. They suggests splitting pita bread, sprinkling it with olive oil, and with sesame and poppy seeds. I’ve done the same with khobez bread, and it worked fine! I spread some ghee on top, and sprinkled some nigella seeds. I also suggest using ajwain seeds.

Once we tore up the bread, and sprinkled it with olive oil and chopped garlic. We popped it in the oven for a few minutes, and served it with various dips at party. It was excellent!


SUGGESTION 3: imaginative cheese sandwich

Top the bread with your favourite cheese and pop it under the grill!

Possible combinations:

1. cheddar + chili (think quesadilla!)

2. goats cheese + fresh thyme

3. olive oil + feta + mint



Obviously, there is loads you can do with khobez.  All you need is a bit of imagination! Use it, and enjoy!



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  1. Coincidence or what, I made khubiz Arabi last weekend….first few got over cooked…rest tasted very good…..btw, your spice rack is so full!



  2. Maninas

     /  12 July, 2007

    wow, great! hey you could post a recipe for it! I’d love to see it!

    yeap my spice rack is teeming… tried to put some order into it… but it needs more work!



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