Never trust a small chili!

I should have known better. I should have known there was something suspicious about that chili! It stood there, innocently green, and I thought, ‘Green chili? Oh this can’t be too bad! Let’s have two of them in the Chana Masala!’ For one person, and for a rather small can of chick peas. HOOOOOOT! I’m not the one to shy away from heat. In fact, I have to conciously stop myself from putting chili into everything. Everything savoury for now, though I’m getting ready to experiment with chocolate & chili muffins! However, this was _hot_! I really should go easy on the unfamiliar chilies, no matter how innocent and green they look, and unless you’re prepared to deal with the consequences! That’s the moral of the story for today!

The Chana Masala recipe should come soon! I enjoyed it with some cumin seed rice, yoghurt, and my first attempt at making chapati! This cooled it down, and it was delicous! The chapati though were not too impressive, as I think I idn’t add enough salt to the dough. Salt of the Earth. 🙂 Also, this was the first time I cooked with ghee, clarified butter used in Indian cooking. I think it might be a taste I will have to get used to. Or maybe I just put too much of it on my chapati… I’ll give it another go. A sample of one is not much of a sample, is it? 🙂

Have a good weekend!

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