What we need to know when we bag a baguette

I adore baugette, and I’ve never had better baugette than in France – crusty, flavoursome… simply divine! But did you know that baugette is not even French? I certainly didn’t! Have a look at this:

Stick to the facts

— The word baguette literally means “little rod”, and is derived from Latin baculum — stick or staff.

— A popular but inaccurate belief holds that baguettes were invented during Napoleon’s Russian campaign when he ordered a new shape of bread to fit down his soldiers’ trouser legs.

— They were invented by Viennese bakers in the 19th century, using a new steam-injected oven.

— The baguette became dominant when a French law in the 1920s banned bakers from working before 4am. The traditional “boule” took a long time to prepare but the baguette would be ready by breakfast.

 SOURCE: The Times

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  1. hee i knew that they were viennese but they’ll still always be ‘french bread’ to me 😀



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