Verdict: No-Knead Bread


Here are the results of my first attempt at bread-making (I used the no-knead recipe). As always, nothing comes easily, or at least very few things do. I’ve got pretty pictures, yes, but the result was not entirely satisfactory. First of all, the bread hasn’t risen enough, and it turned out rather small and hard. There were not enough bubbles in the dough there while it was rising, and it definitely didn’t double in size, either because ‘there was not enough yeast’ (friend), or because ‘our kitchen was not warm enough’ (bf). Any suggestions welcome! It would be a shame to give up after the first time! Maybe I’ll leave it to rise in the airing cupboard, as suggested! What do you think? Thanks!



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  1. Hi Maninas,

    How long did you let the bread rise? Sometimes 12 hours isn’t enough and it should really be 18 or more. Did you get the proper bubbling air holes before you baked it? B/c it could also be a matter of bad yeast.

    Also, try all white flour, or at least 3/4 white flour? Sometimes the wheat flour may be too heavy for this bread and it won’t work properly. Your bread looks pretty dark so I suspect this may be the case. What are those black spots on top?

    Hope that helps!


  2. Maninas

     /  12 June, 2007

    Hi, thanks for dropping by and for the advice! I left it rise for more than 18 hours, and I don’t think I had enough bubbles. Those that were there were tiny. The yeast packet is newly bought, so that shouldn’t be a problem (don’t think it’s near its expiry date). Maybe it was the temperature in the kitchen, and the flour. I will try white only next time. The black spots are poppy seeds. I left it rise in a metal bowl, but that shouldn’t matter, should it? Thanks.


  3. though i’ve not made this myself, i know people have with success. if the yeast was viable then it was either a temperature problem or heavy dough one, i suspect. try adding a more hydrated dough or just try it with AP flour for one trial. also, prove your dough in the oven with the pilot light on. some of the breads i make take up to 72 hours from start to finish. don’t dismay, it’s something to practise in order to perfect. is the video of this still available to watch? check youtube they may still have it around.


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