Chocaholic’s Fruit Muffins

I am slowly, but steadily turning into a proper chocaholic! I almost can’t have a pudding without chocolate, and I’ve been cooking almost solely with chocolate (save the lovely lemon tart)! One example of it is today. I made muffins for my friend for lunch today. Fruit muffins, admittedly. But with chopped chocolate! The only adventurous part was the fact that the fruit was fresh pineapple, and the chocolate was white chocolate! This lovely combination, as well as the confession of my chocolate addiction, is the reason why I felt compelled to write today. The combination of fresh pineapple and white chocolate worked wonderfully well, and the result were fragrant tasty muffins, with juicy pineapple pieces, and melting chocolate chips! Heaven! The only trouble is, I was not completely happy with the dough, which is why I am not posting the recipe for it. I recommend that you use your trusted muffin method, and add pineapple and white chocolate to it! If you have a bit of juice left lingering in the bowl after chopping the pineapple, do tip it into the muffins mixture! It makes the pineapple aroma permeate the muffin dough, and tastes divine!

Please share your favourite muffin recipe with me! Teach me how to make perfect muffins! Thanks!

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