Baking her way around Britain

While I was blog-hopping one of these days, I came across a very interesting blog – Baking for Britain. The author of the blog, Anna, is baking her “way round the United Kingdom, trying out regional specialities, traditional ingredients etc., and generally making (and sampling) nice things to eat in the cake, biscuit and bun line.” Her blog contains both recipes and informative stories about them, and is a really interesting read. So, if you’d like to find out more about traditional British cakes, biscuits and buns,  do visit Anna’s blog!

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  1. a good find 🙂

    i always associate british baking with “suet and steamed pudding” but i know i know it’s more than that. i have a nice book on british baking but haven’t explored it much. we have a strong british background to our [canadian] food, like australia, however where i come from, it’s more french influenced. btw, i have an interesting site link in my blog about british regional cooking.


  2. lol, that should been only 1 i know, not 2 😉


  3. aninas

     /  29 May, 2007

    hi! just had a look at your blog for the link you’re talking about. Is it the Great British Kitchen? I shall explore it sometime! Thanks!


  4. yep, that’s the one.


  5. aninas

     /  30 May, 2007

    cheers! I’ll check it out.

    I also left a message for Anna, of the Baking for Britain fame, to try the link. I thought she’d be interested.



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