Aromas – why I love cooking


Ginger Garlic & Chili

For me, aromas are an important part of the cooking experience, and one reason why I love cooking so much. I enjoy smelling my food at each stage, and following the changes with my eager and curious nose!

It is incredibly difficult to choose, but if I have to, my top five aromas are:

1. Fresh ginger
2. Fresh fruit, especially strawberries.
3. Warm milk.
4. Stews with wine
5. Garlic frying in olive oil

Oh God, any chance I can squeeze the 6th one in…? How about vegetable tagine with cinnamon? Mmmmmmm…..

What are your favourite food aromas? 🙂

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog..:) I love the sound of these smells- and you should definitely fit in vegetable tagine with cinammon- sounds lovely!!


  1. Think Spice… think Ginger: Guajarati aloo « Maninas: Food Matters

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